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This program entitles the bearer to a complete puppy healthcare package. This package consists of behavior and nutrition consultation, a puppy guide, all necessary vaccinations, dewormings and all office visits for six months
This certificate entitles the bearer to a complete adult canine healthcare package. This package consists of completer yearly vaccinations, including a six month Leptospirosis vaccine, two fecal exams, one heartworm test, and all office visits for one full year. (Treatments are not included)
This certificate entitles the bearer to a complete senior dog healthcare package. This package consists of behavior and nutrition assessment, unlimited physical exams, one of each of the following: blood profile, EKG, chest x-ray, Urinalysis, Blood pressure check, Thyroid Profile, Osteoarthritis Evaluation, Diet Evaluation, and all necessary vaccination packages and all other office visits for one year.
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This program entitles the bearer to a complete skin/allergy healthcare package. This package consists of unlimited skin check-ups for one year, one bacterial and fungal culture, a skin scrape test, a thyroid profile, a complete allergy screen (to determine which allergens your animal is sensitive to) and 10% off all treatments pertaining to skin conditions.
This certificate entitles the bearer to unlimited physical and progress exams due to ear and skin related complications for one year. This package consists of four ear cytology’s a year, one culture and sensitivity of the ears, one technician ear flush a month (if sedation is required, sedation will be charged to the client), one ear cleaning solution, a small bag of cotton balls, and a print out of ear cleaning instructions. This package also entitles the bearer to 10% off of all injections and medications related to ear complications, including those to help with pain and discomfort.
Adult Dog Annual Wellness Exam
Puppy Exam
*Annual Wellness Exam    
*Annual Wellness Profile Blood Test  
*Heartworm Occult Test  
(Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus Adenovirus & Coronavirus are given every 3 years)  
Yearly Vaccinations
Distemper/Adenovirus/Parvovirus 3 year
Leptospirosis Multivalent Vaccine
Rabies - 1 year
Rabies - 3 year
Heartworm Test
Dog Neuter (up to 25lb)
(over 100lbs)
Dog Spay (up to 35lbs)
(over 35lbs) base rate
price per pound
if pregnant/heat
Schnauzer/Pit Bull
Great Dane
Dogs Over 8 weeks
  • Dog ear crop includes up to 3 tapings.
  • 8 weeks of age is ideal for this surgery
    *All elective surgeries include one night's hospitalization, antibiotic injection, twice daily evaluation and anesthesia. Pain injection is highly recommended.

    *Seminole County residents will receive a rebate of $25.00 for neutering and spaying from Seminole Co. Animal Control Division.

    Dental Cleaning, Root Planing & Polishing
    Dental on same day as yearly package
    * Surgery and dental price does not include preanesthesia labwork, catherization, monitoring, additional treatment for high-risk patients, or surgery supplies. Before scheduling surgery, bring in for a complimentary exam and estimate. Labwork must be done at least one day prior to surgery.
    6-8 weeks Puppy Exam
    Distemper-Parainfluenza-Parvovirus-Coronavirus-Adenovirus # 1
    Bordatella (flu vaccine for animals)
    Fecal (checks for internal parasites)
    Deworm # 2
    8-10 weeks Distemper- Parainfluenza-Parvovirus-Coronavirus-Adenovirus # 2
    Giardia (parasite found in water that causes bloody diarrhea) #1
    Deworm # 2
    10-12 weeks  Distemper- Parainfluenza-Parvovirus-Coronavirus-Adenovirus # 3
    Giardia # 2
    12-14 weeks Distemper- Parainfluenza-Parvovirus-Coronavirus-Adenovirus # 4
    Puppy Exam
    14-16 weeks Distemper- Parainfluenza-Parvovirus-Coronavirus-Adenovirus # 5
    Good, Brand Name Puppy Food: (i.e. Science Diet, Purina, Eukanuba) –
    Feed this for the first year of life

    Dog Vitamin for the first year of life: (i.e. pet-form or vi-sorbits)

    Heartworm preventative: (i.e. Heartgard, Iverhart)
    Give one tablet, once a month for entire life..VERY IMPORTANT

    Flea/Tick control: (i.e. Advantage, or Frontline ONLY….
    the grocery store brands do not work!)
    Apply between shoulders every one to three months
    Heartworm Disease is spread through the bite of a mosquito, the larva infects the heart, forms worms and leads to failure of the heart and various other organs.  Heartworms are 100% preventable, but difficult and expensive to cure. Prevention is the best bet to a healthy pet!
    Whole Day : 1 day
      5 day package
      10 day package
    Half Day: 1 day
      5 day package
      10 day package
    ~ All Prices are Per Day ~    
      (Low Season)*


    Dog Runs:    
    Less than 45 lbs
    Over 45 - 90 lbs
    Over 90 lbs
    Hotel Rooms - 1 Pet  
    Hotel Rooms - 2 Pets  
    New Large Hotel Room - East Wing - 1 Pet  
    New Large Hotel Room - East Wing - 2 Pets  
    New Large Hotel Room - East Wing - 3 Pets  
    Cages for small pets are available at a reduced rate
    *Playtime and/or socialization in our large dog park are available for an additional fee.
    * $25.00 deposit required prior to holiday reservations. 50% deposit the day of arrival*
    *Low Season is Jan 8 - April 5, April 10 - May 14 & Sept 11 - Nov15 excluding National Holidays & Fall and Spring Break*
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